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As a former executive and attorney, I wanted to learn about how to become a great leader.

I was determined to learn how I could motivate my team to be their very best, so we could be viewed as strategic partners and advisors to our clients.

We knew that having a “seat at the table” was critical to being able to do our best work to support our clients and gain their respect and trust.

The company’s answer was to offer me a 4 hour learning and development training program that taught me about the communication style of different personality types. After the 4 hours, I was now expected to have all the tools and knowledge necessary to excel as a leader. We’re expected to naturally know how to lead, motivate and coach despite having never been taught or trained to do so.

When we struggle, often our bosses themselves don’t understand the components of successful leadership so they can’t really guide us.

They may tell you that you need to have more influence, develop great communication skills or build successful relationships. But they themselves weren’t trained in these areas. So how can they support you?

Now as an executive coach with over 10 years’ experience, I guide corporate executives and attorneys to enhance their influence, build strong leadership skills with a calm and confident mindset to get and/or keep that “seat at the table”

My coaching methodologies incorporate neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mental fitness modalities.

Additionally, my coaching can be quantified so that you can measure the success (ROI) of our work together.

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